I've been working on guitars and basses for as long as I've been playing them. I pulled apart my first bass simply to learn how it was put together and how to make it play better. Ever since, and throughout my career as a professional bassist, I've had a slight obsession with making every instrument in my possession play as effortlessly as possible. This led to an apprenticeship with Steve Balkun at Balkun Guitars in Hartford, CT, and eventually a position managing the Warwick Basses & Framus Guitars North American Showroom in NYC and its repair shop. While there, I worked with hundreds of pros and hobbyists alike to customize their instruments and optimize them to their playing style. I've since relocated back to the Denver area and am here to offer my services and expertise to its community of musicians. My goal is to help you achieve a seamless connection between you and your music through a perfectly calibrated, and finely tuned instrument.


Service Cost
Electric Guitar/Bass Restring $20
Electric Guitar/Bass Set Up $40
12 String Electric Set Up $50
Set Up w/ Floyd Rose Bridge $60
Synthetic Nut Installation (includes set up) $60
Custom Bone Nut Installation (includes set up)
4 string
5 string
6 string

Hardware Installation $50/hr (1/2 hr minimum)
Electronics Labor (pickups, preamps, pots, etc...) $50/hr (1/2 hr minimum)
Fret Level, Crown, & Polish (Includes Set Up) $120
Finish Repairs Email for accurate quote


"I've brought every bass I own to Dan at least once for some sort of work and every time it comes back to me perfect. He's swapped out pickups, bridges, electronics, and done countless setups for me. His work, advice, and timeliness leave nothing to be desired from a bass guy. Dan don't suck, ya feel me?"

-Nate Edgar (Nth Power)

"I'm a bass player on the road about 200 days a year with my band Turkuaz, and when it comes to work on my bass, trust is the name of game. Dan has the talent and experience to make any instrument feel great. I trust this man to work on any piece of gear I own."

-Taylor Shell (Turkuaz)

"Dan's technical understanding of the physical makeup of the bass combined with his experience as a musician allows him to have a deep understanding of how the setup of the instrument affects the player creatively. He is the technician I will always call because he can identify my style and how to best adjust my instrument to deliver my sound. Dan has done a fantastic job bringing my basses to their full potential."

-James Searl (Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad)

"Dan is my go-to luthier. From getting a buzz out of a note, to completely sanding down the back of my neck, he is a pro. With Dan, you can always expect your work to be done in a timely and professional manner."

-Chuck Jones (Dopapod)

"First and foremost, my guitar has never played as well as it has until Dan worked on it. His attention to detail and aim to please his customers is second to none. I can confidently say I would trust him with any adjustments to my instrument."

-Dan Keller (Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad)

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